First album

1. Where oceans meet mountains
2. Rise
3. Pachelbel Canon

Impressions is the first CD by Toby Jacobs. It was written with the idea to create a calming and relaxing sound. Ideal for studying, reading or a nice dinner. It consists of 6 original songs and one cover song. Where oceans meet mountains, Rise, Solitude, Audrey, Gifts of Joy, Catch me if you can and Pachelbel canon. You can listen to three samples here. The album is available on all popular streaming website such as Spotify and Apple music.


The street, my stage

You might have seen me play music in the streets before. I love to go out and perform whenever I feel like it. If you want to stay up to date with my adventures follow me on Instagram, Facebook or check out the photos page. And see you soon on the street!


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I love to create videoclips and content in general. Whenever I can find the time I try to take the time to shoot a cool clip or video.

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Last but not least, I love to record new songs, and original creation or a cover song. So far I released one album and some cover songs. I am currently working on a second album.

I love to create videoclips and


Sheet music

If you want to play my songs or covers the way I play them you can find sheet music for it online! I work together with for the cover songs.

I love to create videoclips and